Examining the Burnout Crisis in Health Care: A Healthcare Worker Panel Discussion

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via Zoom

Approximately two years ago, as a society, we had to adjust to life as we knew it in the name of public safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all grappled with the trauma of social isolation, the desire to protect our family and loved ones, and lack of access to resources we came to depend on–healthcare workers-who have been affected in extremely challenging ways that the public may not always be aware of.

In this 12th webinar of a series on issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals–which is hosted in collaboration with the University’s Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility–a panel of healthcare workers from M Fairview Health will discuss their experiences on the frontline of battling COVID-19. COVID-19 has laid bare a worldwide healthcare crisis not only related to preparedness and lack of healthcare workers and services but also the danger of misinformation, and the lack of support, particularly mental health support, faced by many healthcare workers. Comments and discussion will focus on SDG #3 Health and Well Being targets and how we can help reach global health goals by helping and supporting healthcare workers.

Panelist Details:

  • Bryan Williams - MD, PhD, Critical Care Physician, Chief Wellbeing Officer, M Health Fairview
  • Linda Wick - NP, Associate Chief Nurse Executive, M Health Fairview

Moderator Details: 

  • Karen Brown -  PhD, Co-Lead UMN Sustainable Development Goals Initiative, University of Minnesota
  • Katey Pelican -  DVM, PhD, Co-Lead UMN Sustainable Development Goals Initiative, University of Minnesota