Decent Work and Economic Growth

Changing up the internship game for students

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The University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is teaming up with the GREATER MSP Partnership on an audacious goal: to make the Twin Cities a national hotspot for college internships.

Does Minnesota Value Women’s Work? What the Data Shows

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Last spring, the Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy at the University of Minnesota released two reports on gender and labor in Minnesota: “Who Cares?” about unpaid care work, and “Who Earns?” about gender and employment. Hear what Dr. Christina Ewig and Youngmin Chu have to say about their research and findings.

Tech Comm Sets New Record Number of Startups in 2023

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The University of Minnesota launched a record-breaking 23 startup companies in fiscal year (FY) 2023.

U of M Named a Best Employer for Women

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Forbes recently named the University of Minnesota a Best Employer for Women 2023

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Scenarios for Global Learning

Online, instructor led

This 30-minute webinar is designed to help you integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into your courses. Integrating the goals can help your students build awareness of global issues and learn about concrete steps they could take to address them on both global and local levels.



Star Tribune: Q&A-How a U of M Rochester program is turning into a nationwide model toward faster degrees

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University of Minnesota, Rochester Chancellor Lori Carrell is leading calls for accelerated programs at postsecondary institutions. 

Men’s interest in startups increases if their spouse’s career takes priority

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Leaving a corporate job to join a startup can be a difficult decision. New University of Minnesota research suggests those in dual-career households may be more willing to consider such opportunities, but gender norms and career prioritization between spouses are factors at play.

UMN develops prototype SDG data hub featuring local data

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The University of Minnesota continues to make significant progress in developing an SDG Data Hub that counties can use to track and accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

MPR News: Minnesota has a wider wage gap than most states. How can we close it?

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Minnesota is a national leader for women’s participation in the workplace. And yet, we also have a wider gender wage gap than most other states. 

NRRI initiates proactive Safety Program

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Industrial safety programs often focus on counting up safety incidents, hoping the numbers go down instead of up. But NRRI is taking a different approach – stop the incidents before they happen.