Design for a Disrupted World [CourseID: 7668]

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Design for a Disrupted World

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Addressing many of the world's most pressing environmental and social challenges requires not only an idea, but a plan to establish a scalable solution. In this project-based course, multidisciplinary teams design venture solutions to global grand challenges related to environment, health and development. For example, teams may address a challenge related to water supply, energy availability, food/agriculture production, waste management, or public health. This fall, teams will identify a specific challenge in Puerto Rico, India and Greater Minnesota; design a product or service; and create a financially viable and impactful business solution. Professionals and experts based here and in their various locations will mentor each team. By the end of the class students will have a well-designed venture plan and will be well-prepared to compete in the Acara Challenge for fellowship funds to pilot their ventures if desired.
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Grand Challenge Curriculum


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