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New research could improve performance of artificial intelligence and quantum computers

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A University of Minnesota Twin Cities-led team has developed a more energy-efficient, tunable superconducting diode — a promising component for future electronic devices — that could help scale up quantum computers for industry and improve artificial intelligence systems.

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Scenarios for Global Learning

Online, instructor led

This 30-minute webinar is designed to help you integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into your courses. Integrating the goals can help your students build awareness of global issues and learn about concrete steps they could take to address them on both global and local levels.



U of M to lead new AI Institute focusing on climate-smart agriculture and forestry

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The University of Minnesota  has received a $20 million grant over five years from the National Science Foundation  and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture to lead a new National Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. 

Minnesota companies debut new foods, whiskey made with Kernza® perennial grain

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Whiskey, cereal, pasta, crackers and other goods made with Kernza® perennial grain are increasingly on the market in Minnesota. Tattersall Distilling in Minneapolis recently debuted its Kernza Perennial Grain Whiskey, made with 100% Kernza perennial grain. 

U of M researchers develop technique for rapid detection of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Chronic Wasting Disease

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University of Minnesota Twin Cities researchers have developed a groundbreaking new diagnostic technique that will allow for faster and more accurate detection of neurodegenerative diseases.

Model helps analyze EV system impacts, evaluate policies for subsidies and charging

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Alireza Khani, an associate professor in the U’s Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering (CEGE), and CEGE graduate student Behnam Davazdah Emami developed a model that can analyze the effect of electric vehicles on transportation systems.

Star Tribune: Q&A-How a U of M Rochester program is turning into a nationwide model toward faster degrees

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University of Minnesota, Rochester Chancellor Lori Carrell is leading calls for accelerated programs at postsecondary institutions. 

Talking organ donation with U of M

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For National Donate Life Month in April, Dr. Thomas Leventhal with the University of Minnesota Medical School talks about the importance of organ donation, misconceptions, and how people can make a difference. 

Men’s interest in startups increases if their spouse’s career takes priority

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Leaving a corporate job to join a startup can be a difficult decision. New University of Minnesota research suggests those in dual-career households may be more willing to consider such opportunities, but gender norms and career prioritization between spouses are factors at play.

UMN develops prototype SDG data hub featuring local data

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The University of Minnesota continues to make significant progress in developing an SDG Data Hub that counties can use to track and accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.